My name is Alejandra Rubio, I have been photographing for about 6 years. I started photographing my native American cultural in Arizona.I moved to Carson City, NV and now attending

Sierra Nevada College, working towards a Bachelor in Fine Arts.

I have always known that I've been immersed in the unfiltered life. A life that most people would discard from their own. I find this life to be be beautiful, colorful, and a live.This life has reshaped my world

to a place with no boundaries. I have learned a lot about life itself and a lot about my own life. someone had asked me what photo is my favorite. My response was they all are--these photo are very

important to me because they reflect who i am. These photographs help me pay more attention to my own life. Making these images make me feel whole and grounded. I don't force these photographs.

When I am let into the personal space of others I'm grateful and respectful. I do not manipulate these images. what you see in these photographs are natural. I want to show people's lives as they are

in that moment.